Atlantis habitat

Atlantis Resort - Marine Habitat

Unlike any other place on earth, Atlantis is home to the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, second only to Mother Nature. The resort’s 34-acre waterscape comprises 11 million gallons of fresh and saltwater. Eleven exhibit lagoons contain more than 50,000 fascinating sea creatures representing over 250 species.

Fish Feeding
Monday - No scheduled feedings, fasting day for the animals.
Tuesday through Sunday
Ruins Lagoon - RT - 9 am
Predator Lagoon - CT - 10 am
Eels, The Dig - RT - 10 am
Mayan Temple - RT - 12 noon
SeaGrapes Cave - BT - 1 pm
Turtle Lagoon - BT - 1:50 pm (Interactive)
Stingray Lagoon - RT - 2 pm
Stingray Lagoon-BT-2 pm (Interactive)
Ruins  Lagoon - RT - 3 pm
Predator Lagoon - CT - 3 pm
Lionfish, The Dig - RT - 4 pm

RT = Royal Towers
CT = Coral Towers
BT = Beach Tower
Note: At the "Interactive" feedings guest are allowed to feed the animals.

Aqua Tots Program
Over 3 years old or up to 48'' tall. Now the thrill of fish feeding is available for your smallest client. Five children will be selected daily to take part in the Aqua Tots programs. This 20-minute feeding experience at the Estuary Lagoon is offered at 2:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Participants need to have water shoes and must also be able to enter the Lagoon independent of their parent or guardian who must be in attendance at the feeding.

Ruins Lagoon
Located in the Royal Towers, and viewable from within The Dig or the lower level of the Great Hall of Waters, the Ruins Lagoon, filled with ancient Atlantis artifacts, is home to over 20,000 deep reef and pelagic fish. These open-water fish include a variety of tuna, jacks, snappers and spiny lobster. The 2.7 million-gallon exhibits allow for the magnificent display of certain species of fish that are normally impossible or very difficult to view without getting wet.

Predator Lagoon
Located below the Lagoon Bar & Grill, outside the Coral Towers, the Predator Lagoon is a fascinating wildlife habitat under the sea, featuring predominately deeper reef fish. Sharks, barracudas, rays, sawfish and giant grouper live among vibrant schools of fish in a natural environment, complete with beautiful coral in  every color imaginable. Guests can come face to face with the awesome predators as they walk through the 100-foot clear underwater tunnel submerged in the lagoon.

Seagrapes Lagoon
Located outside the Beach Tower, colorful reef fish and gentle rays create a kaleidoscope inside a Bahamian cave. Peering through giant viewing windows into the 500,000-gallon lagoon, guests can see French angelfish, parratfish, butterfly fish, squirrelfish and live soft corals. During feedings the rays are fed by hand.

The Dig
Discover a stunning collection of sea creatures who protect Atlantis secrets and treasures, including piranha, jellyfish, green eels, and lionfish.

Mayan Temple Lagoon
Caribbean reef sharks, silky sharks and nurse sharks can be seen from extraordinary vantage points: from an exhilarating ride on a water slide through the middle of the lagoon in a clear tunnel or from the surrounding deck and panaramic windows, which offer a more leisurely look.

Water's Edge Lagoon
Animals such as bone fish, bonnethead sharks and cownose rays inhabit this shallow and tranquil lagoon.

Royal Stingray Lagoons
These lagoons are home to two local species of stingrays: black-and-white spotted eagle rays and southern stingrays.

Stingray Logoon
This sandy, shallow lagoon affords guests an up-close look at the southern stingrays. During feeding times, guests have the opportunity to touch and feed the rays.

Estuary Lagoon
Baby sea animals born at Atlantis, including sharks and rays, live here until they are big enough to move into the other lagoons.

Hibiscus Lagoon
A meandering lagoon that is home to green and hawksbill turtles.

Reef Lagoon
During the daytime, nurse sharks sleep peacefully on the bottom of the lagoon. At night, they can be seen foraging for food.

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